Ccleaner 2.0 Beta Now Available

I've only seen one buggy hot fix in all my years using windows update and it plain wouldn't install. I see no reason for people to be uninstalling hotfixes for that reason.
I usually do hotfix uninstallers, memory dumps and prefetching. I have never had to uninstall a hotfix but would use gonaad's method if I had to. Prefetch folder doesn't necessarily slow you down, but I guess that depends on the specs of your system and what type of prefecthing you have enabled.
Prefetch boosts both boot and application load times.

Why bother to "clean" the Hotfix uninstallers? They don't slow the system down any and if you're that desperate for space, buy a new hard drive to either add in to your existing setup or replace the existing drive. You'd be screwed over if you had no Internet access and had to contact support and they tell you to remove <hotfix here>.

As for cleaning the memory dumps, that's truly pointless. It's not hard at all to analyze a crash dump and see where the problem exists. When you send an Error Report to Microsoft, they log the crash dump and analyze it. They also forward the dump to the developers, who will then fix the bugs that are causing the crashes. Even Patrick Kolla of Spybot S&D discusses this here.
I have to warn everyone about the aleged registry cleaners

sometimes there are registry entries that look like they go nowhere but that's because the program or hardware isn't running or installed

when a program becomes corrupt or doesn't do something you might expect it to do you won't even know it was a registry entry that was deleted

I have no problem cleaning files but I really think registry cleaners should be left unused in programs like this and even in best case scenarion where it's removing wasted entries there isn't any performance benefit

Definately had some bad experiences with registry cleaners but have always found CCleaner to be one of the good ones, not too aggressive.

In Vista, for me, it does constantly find two keys it wants to remove (which I agree to) and then they are regenerated so I am glad 2.0 will have the option to exclude particular keys.

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