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Cause of slow shutdown found! Logitech keyboards!


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Hey everybody,

If you are having an incredibly slow shutdown problem, primarily caused when you see a Userenv error in your logs... I have figured out what the problem was. However, I have NOT discovered a fix for the problem.

One day I was going through ALL of my services thinking that one of the services was staying on. I got to the very last service, which was Plug and Play, and shutting that down made it so that every reboot would be quick and easy...

Well, sadly we all need Plug and Play, so I was told by Allan {Thanks buddy} to go through selective startup and start eliminating things. So I turned every program in startup off, works, then slowly worked my way down the list...

Then I got to the LOGITECH ITOUCH SOFTWARE. I turn it on, reboot, then reboot again... the second reboot {Which is when the program is turned on} is slow! So go back into windows, turn it back off, reboot, then reboot again, and the second reboot is fast...

LOGITECH ITOUCH SOFTWARE is the cause of all of the problems with the slow shutdown. Now all we need to do is find a fix for it.


I'm glad you worked it out, but I'm surprised at the conclusion. I use Logitech cordless keyboards on all of my systems with no problem - so let me suggest the following:

  • Download but do not install the latest itouch driver from Logitech's web site
  • Uninstall your current Logitech Software
  • Go to device manager and "remove" the Logitech keyboard
  • Reboot
  • XP will find your keyboard
  • Now install the latest itouch driver & reboot

If this doesn't work, tell me everything that is listed in the Startup section of msconfig


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Ok, well I tried doing everything of which you told me. I couldn't find which thing in PARTICULAR to uninstall in Device Manager to make XP detect my keyboard... so I removed everything that had to do with the Logitech Keyboard, but sadly no luck. So I just went away from that part, and installed the drivers, and that very second: SLOW SHUT DOWN. =(

Any ideas bro?


There appears to be a conflict somewhere. Let me suggest you phone Logitech on Monday. I've called their tech support area a couple of times and had nothing but good results. Sorry I couldn't help further - good luck :)
Hmm. I haven't noticed any slowdowns on my system when I did try the iTouch software.

Ya know, that software allows fine tuning of the extra buttons, but I've found that XP natively assigns functions to those extra buttons. Depending on how much you have customized the extra buttons, you may not even need the bundled software. I personally only use the volume controls, but that's me.


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I do use all the buttons. The one for the SMS / Messenger or whatever it is, activates my UO button. The button to the right of that accesses my Battle For Europe - Day of Defeat forums. A few other buttons access special email programs and websites, so I love the buttons, that's why I'm not happy that I can hardly use them. Only button that appears to work is the Email one, but that opens OE directly, I normally have everything open with Mailwasher so I can go through a filter.

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