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Why are you not Under God? I noticed you changed your slogan a little while ago.



Ok, I was just wondering. I have had conversations with many people about religion and the US (where I live too). I assumed that it was in reference to the California Court of Apeals ruling that "under one God" was unconstitutional in the pledge of allegiance to say in Public Schools.

Not believing in a God or The God is fine with me. The USA is completely free for each and every one of us to have our own opinion and feelings.

I do have to ask: Do you still pledge allegiance to the USA? or to better phrase the question, will you say the pledge but just remain silent when the portion of "under one God" is said by others?


(sorry about posting in the other forum...I actually thought I was in this one.....:D)


well, I don't see where if you leave out "Under God" and say the rest of it would be a problem. Do you not pledge allegance to the United States of America? What would be the problem of holding your hand over your heart? This is only like a salute that I and other memebers of the armed forces give as the flag is lowered each day at dusk on every US base in the world. Holding your hand over your heart has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with showing respect and pledging your own allegiance to the USA.


oh, and it isn't against the law to force someone to say the pledge of allegiance. It is actually an Act of Congress so it is law.


The problem that I have with the Pledge is that it really doesn't show your loyalty to your country. I'm willing to bet that Timothy McVeigh said the Pledge of Allegiance when he was in school. There are many ways to show loyalty to your country -- voting, volunteering, etc. Finally, the Pledge of Allegience is a relic of the Cold War when anyone could be suspected of being a communist. I'll swear loyalty to my country, but I'll do it my own way thank you very much.

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Personaly, I've never understood the point of the pledge of allegiance.

Here we have no pledge, yet people are fiercely proud to be British and certainly dont see the need to tell everyone else about it.



Their heads are fine! I think that what you said about America NOT being the land of the free is very shocking because I thought all Americans were proud of their country. I'm surprised God isn't in the Anthem to! As a proud Canadian I have noticed that America refers to thereself as being the best at everything, when I beg to differ........One statement I noticed that really bugs the hell out of me is "God Bless The USA" !!?? Someone actually thought they were better then everyone else and now its gets spread accross the world!!! You dont here us Canadians saying stuff like that!


I have to say that people are taking the separation of church and state argument way beyond its original intention. There will never be a national religion. No church will ever be in control of the government and vice versa. The church and the state are separated. Our pledge mentions God. Our senate opens with a prayer. Our currency includes the phrase "In God We Trust". Who cares? Is it really hurting anyone? Be honest.
I look at the things I don't like about the US and I still can't think of a place I'd rather live. This IS the land of the free. Oh, and by the way Catch23, our national anthem does indeed refer to God. We don't usually sing every verse so most people aren't aware of it. I won't post it all, but if you do a quick search you can find the full version.

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