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Catalyst 7.5 Available!


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Seems I have no problems. What did you do to check for OpenGL issues in your case?

I see ATI is now including some bloatware with their drivers (at least it is obvious to bypass the install of it).
I was playing City of Villains, which is OpenGL based from what I can tell of their European forums and my interaction with NCSoft support this morning.


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I see ATI is now including some bloatware with their drivers
what is it?

don't have or want an ati card due to their pathetic linux "drivers". can't give much praise to their windows drivers either, they went immediately downhill after CCC came into the picture.


Hmm, WinXP here and after doing the routine uninstall then installation of 7.5 drivers my system goes through the normal boot process but then never logs in... my monitor just keeps turning off and on in a cycle... as if it were hanging there.


Meh, after messing around with the 7.5s for an hour I gave up and went to the 7.4. Something's definitely messed up... bad download or something.
System wouldn't even get to the logon screen, my monitor kept on cycling in the "Digitial Power Saver Mode, turning off" phase over and over. I tried installing just the driver and I get the same thing.
Think I'll stick with the 7.4 version for now hehe.

P4 2.53 GHz
1Gig PC3200 Ram
ATI Radeon x1650 512MB
Asus P4P800S-X Motherboard
LG LCD Widescreen 19" (Digital Hookup)
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Man what a pain in the ass!
I got the notion to dual boot XP & Vista.
I've got the dual boot running properly and smoothly.
I went and downloaded all the updates and installed the updates for Vista etc...
Went to ATI's site, got their Vista 32bit 7.5 drivers, ran the installer.. they installed ok, rebooted the system, resolution was still at 800x600 (since I had no vid drivers previously installed on Vista it was at this resoltuion), changed the resolution to 1440x900, then BAM! Monitor cycles on and off non stop, just like it did in XP!.
First time ever I've had any sort of issue with ATI's drivers but I suppose this is probably the 2nd version of ATI Drivers I've installed with this hardware setup since they're new for me.

Currently, for XP I'm using the 7.4 version. For Vista I have the 7.5s... My problem now is this... in Vista's "Uninstall programs" section, there's no real uninstall option, just repair. Even if I choose that, ATI's repair/installation program refuses to run in safe mode. (Safe mode is the only way I can get Vista to load).
So now my choices are what?
1. System restore for Vista (to the point before I installed these cursed drivers)
2. manually delete/uninstall these drivers while in safe mode? (not a chance in hell.. I'd rather spend the time plucking nose hair or something)

Video Card: ATI x1650 Pro 512MB AGP
Monitor: LG 194WTX (19" LCD Widescreen via Digital, NOT analog)

Pfew, I'm not the only one with this issue: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?p=357880#post357880
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There are WDDM drivers pre-installed from Vista that will let you load to your native resolution.

I have no idea why it would be causing this specific kind of issue with your configuration.


Yeah, there's something definitely going on with widescreen support for a lot of people, I'm just not sure if it's been narrowed down as to if it's due to people using DVI or Analog.
Just installed the 7.4 version and all is working fine in both Vista and XP.


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I am using 7.5's right now on 1 system with 2 widescreens. No issues.

Both are on dvi so not sure if that makes a difference.

If the 7.4's work... rock on brother.

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