Catalyst 5.6 released!

I didn't notice the WMV acceleration, but yeah...a lot of the HD video I download is WMV, and a lot of gaming sites put videos out in this format. Hopefully the HD won't stutter on my computer anymore.

I'll let you know if this improves anything whatsoever on a 9800 Pro when I get off work.


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Installed the 5.6 Cat's. 9800 PRO Card.

No problems encountered.

Textures definitely look better in Ut2004, game play may have been a ittle smoother, especially panning.

Off to see what they do for EE 2 now.

PS The Control Panel loads a lot quicker now.

EE2 may be a little smoother on panning also when unit count gets high.

Summary: Seems worth the download and install.
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I can't get the CCC to start. CLI.exe is running, but when i try to start the CCC, it makes a busy icon then goes away. Nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this?

.net framework 1.1 is installed.
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I got a 9600XT (256MB version) so I will definately have to update my drivers. If the choppiness of Wow goes away after installing these, I will hold off on getting a new graphics card :D


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vivid_vibe said:
Guys, can I just install this over my old drivers or what? I'm running a 9800 pro.
I would not do that, it can cause problems when older driver files mix with new ones.

I always uninstall the drivers from Add/Remove programs (even after this there are still tons of ATI files / registry entries on your system)
Run Driver Cleaner and select every ATI filter available. (google it)
Restart, and then install the new drivers.

That way you are sure you have a clean driver installation.

Anyway, I installed these and WoW seems a bit smoother. I'll have to test out a few more games.

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