Catalyst 4.9 Beta


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I would not recommend this as a download worth getting...

its got a few quirks... not bugs exactly but it has issues...

and its only good if you want to eek out @ best half an extra fps in Doom3 (in my experience)

I did not enjoy em and am getting rid of em asap (soon as I format later tonite :D )


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just put it for news wise, i dont have an ati card yet, btw sazar which gfx card is the best regardless of the price, i havent been checking in a while, the 6800 ultra? or the x800xt


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right now you are more likely to find a 6800GT than either an Ultra or an x800xt PE...

they both have their advantages and disadvantages but for the most part they are reasonably similar in performance...

I think a 6800 GT oc is the best bet for you right now :)

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I just find that either of those cards is just too expensive for what it is ... I think both ATI and Nvidia have gone too far now with the prices and what they are selling is just not worth that kind of money.

just my 2 cents


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Used 4.9 beta to get a little more performance out of Doom 3. My system developed a new feature that automatically restarted it every so often. Went back to Omega drivers. There are better ways to get better performance from Doom 3 on ATI cards.


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prodj88 said:
im definitely still on the 4.7... and i thought 4.8 was beta so how the heck is there a 4.9 beta
It's a Doom 3 hotfix that gives ATI cards better performance in Doom 3. Apparently ATI thinks Doom 3 is that important to actually release a hotfix drivers for it.

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