Catalyst 4.5

Thanks for the heads up. Will update later tonight.
Taken from the notes :)

Resolved Game Issues
This section provides information on game issues that have been resolved in the latest release of CATALYST™. These include the following:

Playing the game Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps with the game resolution set to 1600x1200 and the desktop display set to 1024x768 32bpp along with Anti-Aliasing set to 4x no longer results in flashing and or corrupt shadows
The game Prince of Persia: Sands of Time no longer fails to play under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON 9100 or 8500 series product installed
Setting the graphics quality to anything higher than Fastest in the game Virtual Skipper 3 no longer results in the operating system failing to respond when the game menu loads
Playing the game Nascar 2003 with the display resolution set to 1280x1024 32bpp no longer results in display corruption being seen
Texture corruption is no longer seen when playing the game Second Life under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON 9800 or 9700 series card installed
Textures are no longer missing when moving the mouse around to change the camera angle in the game Joan of Arc
Intermittent display corruption noticed on the players image with in the game Madden NFL 2004 is now resolved
Playing the game Homeworld 2 under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON 9500 series, 9600 XT, or 9700 series no longer results in the game failing to respond when the shadow option within the game is selected
Missing polygons on the satellite within the main menu is now resolved in the game Hegemonia
A performance decrease is no longer noticed when setting the game option to Perfect in the game IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles
oh, last night I edited Afirka corps when I posted it :p
Installed and running on 2 gaming machines. No new quirks created. Looks like a solid release.

I noticed the texture quality in BF1942 DC was degraded as it was in the 4.4 catalysts. I rolled back to 4.3 again. The degradation makes it look like the contrast is cranked way up. Graininess and bright areas are badly washed out. This may be a quality issue with the free DC expansion pack and not the drivers.

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