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Cat starts world war III

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Ex Police Chief
So picture the scene,

I've been playing Civlisation 3 for about 2 hours. The Cats sitting on my lap purring nicely. I have a large empire with an equally large Roman empire the other side of the world.

Things are looking good, we're trading well and technologicaly were doing well. ( to well as it turns out ) The cat stirs slightly.

The Romans contact us to see if we would like to trade some wine for some oil. The cat lifts it head and yawns.

I decide to accept their offer and am just moving the mouse to accept whrn the cat gets up and decide to take a stroll along the keyboard. The series of keys it pushes manage to declare war on Rome.

Well, the Romans have the ICBM, they throw them on my cities, I have no choice but to retaliate with my own ICBMS. My population is decimated as is the romans. I have about 20 turns until the end of the gane to rebuild, and build a spaceship. ( Not much chance there then )

Lets hope George Bush doesn't have a Cat.

For Sale.

1 Cat, Ginger, answers to the name of shelley. Computer literate.


Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
I would personaly supervise the removal of the cat litter from the tray and ensure that only the freshest "lumps" were used. Obviously I would rubber gloves to ensure no contanimation of your meal. :)

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