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Cat 5 (RJ45) adapter?

I have a DVR for CCTV that can be hooked up to the network via cat 5 cable. The problem is that I can't hard wire to the network at the location where it is. How do I go about making this wireless? Is there an adapter to go from RJ45 to USB? Or would I have to go from the DVR to a Router and make the router my receiver?


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You would have to go from the DVR to a router, making that router an Access Point. I'd say that's your best option...
If I do that with the router. Since I can assign an IP / Gateway etc. to the DVR how do I go about being able to view the DVR on the network?


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before you go to all the trouble is the DVR provided by the Cable Company? It is possible if it is a motorola DVR cable Box that the CAt 5 connection is not active on it. It is not on the DVR's I install for the company I work for.

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Like wwwdjrcs said a router but it would be easier to buy a wireless bridge which converts the wireless to a wired co nnection. The bridge would establish the wifi connection and the router its connecting to would assign it an IP address.

The router idea would need have to have a bridge capability, I'm n ot sure which routers would provide that feature.

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