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Castle Wolfenstein / ic sharin



I am trying to play RTCW on a machine using internet connection sharing - the machine connects to the internet fine however when I request the server list in RTCW it says waiting for response from master server and doesnt retrieve a list of servers.

It used to work multiplayer but now it doesn't (after installing 1.3 patch). It works fine single player.

Incidentally the machine actually connecting to the internet works fine with RTCW in multiplayer - the problem is just with a machine connecting to

Any suggestions?

Electronic Punk

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Not somrthing I can check on right now, but would be interested to see if this is an issue as I will be under the same situation when I return to uni next week... The only thing I can think of is that they have changed the ports and they are being blocked somewhere ? Do you have the firewall enabled anywhere?


Sorted at last

Ok - probably a bit stupid of me but I have finally sorted it. Definately something to do with the firewall but not sure why Norton IS lets RTCW connect on one machine but not the other.
Anyway I reinstalled Norton IS and did not do the application scan but let it prompt me when each application wants to connect - seems to have done the job as multiplayer now works on all machines.

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