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Heya, Thought this'd be the best place to chuck it - I thought i'd got everything sorted for building new pc (you can tell it's my first time doing this) so far i've worked out.. almost everything (cheers mainframeguy and lordofla) else but cases are still annoying me. I've tried to find a generally good cooling case but they always seem to have some sort of major flaw in them! Any help would be much appreciated, I'm not _too_ bothered about looks in all honesty - something with good cooling'll do me!

Thanks a lot!


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case has been discontinued, but don't let that fool you. i paid almost 200.00 usd about 6 months ago for my wife's pc. it's got plenty of cooling and i added a couple of fan silencers and it's been the best case i've gotten her. she runs a intel board with a prescott p4 and her case temp is about 28*c. it's going for 99.99 usd, just a suggestion and i hope you have good luck finding the case that suits your needs.



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well, i know of a sweet looking case. i've seen it before, but i forgot the website that had it. maybe someone else knows of it. it's a Dragon case, and i'm not talking about the Chieftec Dragon cases that look like the old Alienware cases. it had a neat looking front i think, and a pretty big dragon decal on the side. Think it was in one of the last few editions of MaximumPC


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this case is currently one of the coolest out there if you check the benches and what not... has a review of it as well..

the silverstone is pretty good construction and has excellent cooling... center of gravity is a little high but the windtunnel definitely works at lowering temps in the case...

check it out...

it also comes in black :)

p.s. its the psuedo-BTX format case...


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uuh... Sazar, i think "center of gravity is a little high" is quite a bit of an understatement. 80% of the heaviest stuff you'd possibly have to mount in your case is above the half-way point of that case. the only thing that get's down below the top half of the case is a small portion of the bottom of the motherboard. and yes, the wind tunnel does look sweet. pretty creative people who made that case.

OOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! me soooooo wants. someone buy it for me please? :)

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The CM Stacker is really cool, but it's HUGE case. A bit too big for my taste. If it were smaller I'd buy it any day. :)

I'm looking a bit at these cases for my next upgrade:

CoolerMaster Centurion 5 (mesh front for nice cooling) 5

CoolerMaster Cavalier 3 (soo sleek! Cav 1 has an analogue sound meter if you want that) 3

Silverstone Temjin TJ05

Silverstone Temjin TJ06 (as posted above)

All the above cases use 120 mm fans for quieter cooling, which is something I care about. There's alot of reviews on them out there if you want to do some reading.


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Heya, Cheers for all the ideas, Nice case Sazar, but i think it'd fall over lol and that tank jeez, think i'd need a shorter desk; it'd probably hit the roof or something :p

Some of those cases are looking pretty nice zedric, might look more into some of them - I've read the centurion 5 reviews, seems alright but there were some downpoints

Another question: removable motherboard trays useful or not that great?

Thanks a lot guys! :D

[edit] although that Silverstone Temjin TJ06 is looking nicer and nicer, would be a bugger to transport though! I'll look into some reviews :) [/edit]


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Yeah i've had a good look on OCuk - was going to go for the Sunbeam Samurai just for looks :p Still a possibility - not got the best reviews, the other ones i've been looking at are perspex cases but i think my PC'll probably be too untidy to use one of em properly lol, I am limited to a budget - but that Silverstone TJ06 might be worth the push, just hope my PSU has got long enough cables :D
Moonwraith said:
Another question: removable motherboard trays useful or not that great?
Never had a problem with installing into a case that doesn't have it. One case had a swing door type removable tray which was hell too get to match up the I/O ports with the I/O shield in. But if you can remove the tray including the PCI cards, it's a nice feature I guess.

Oh, and the Silverstone TJ06 probably needs a PSU with a fan on the underside. I'd get a PSU with a 120mm or 140mm fan, keeps it quiet too. ;)


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Cheers for that - just checked my PSU it's got an underside fan thank god, didn't want to buy another - both 80mm though by the looks. I've read that case temps still get quite high, but i'm only running one HD anyway and it can't be much warmer than my current case completely shut up apart from one 80mm fan lol. I'm really liking that case... lots - Might buy that one :D Let me sort the money and i'll be sorted, if it gets too warm there's a beautiful thing called a dremel lol

cheers everyone

[edit] actually one more annoying question from me until the next component comes into question; Anyone know of any decnet UK suppliers of this case? I can find the odd one but don't know how reliable they'll be, ta [/edit]
Moonwraith said:
actually one more annoying question from me until the next component comes into question; Anyone know of any decnet UK suppliers of this case? I can find the odd one but don't know how reliable they'll be, ta
Komplett carries all of the cases I listed anyway. I don't know about the UK branch, but the Swedish branch of Komplett is great. I buy all my stuff there.

[edit] Oops, they don't seem to have Centurion 5, but they do have the Cavalier, TJ05 and TJ06. [/edit]


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Thanks a lot Zedric :D ahhh things are coming together now - I think, I'm pretty much done with all the moaning/asking annoying question, hell the next questions you'll be getting is "why isn't it working?!?"

Thanks a lot again

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