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Originally posted by desimatrix007

top blow hole???
do u got intake fans?.....wat kinda cpu is it??
2 80mm intake, 2 80mm outflow..
a total of nine fans

AMD 1900 XP @ 1650 OC
1.0 Gig PC 2700 Corsair
GeForce 4 Ti 4400 (Detonator 29.42)
(2) 20 Gig WD HD on RAID 0
MSI KT3 Ultra MB
then all the usual harware (CD, Burner, ....)



Nice paint job, a big plexi window, a dozen fans, some strange neon colors, and you are ready to go!!

By the way, I really like your woogarooism #8...

"If you talk ****, youre a pansy!"

so true so true.....

Rule #1--

1. A person boasting about wealth, or success doesn't have a pot to piss in,

2. Never worry about the guy in the bar making all the noise and saying he can whip some ass.... the quiet one at the bar bothering noone is the one you better worry about !



That is a great looking case, I like the Biohazard Applique.

My only suggestion for the inside is tidying up the PSU wires.

You can goto any Radio Shack and get some split loom in different sizes or go to:,
you can check the various mod sites for spiral wrap both versions have a variety of colors. The loom I used I picked up at RadioShack for less thean 10.00 !

I think most people just use basic semi-gloss spray paint from Home Depot for the outside. If you know anyone that can powder-coat that would look the best!

Good Luck!

it would, I just have to get the right materials and some practice in. I know the psu cables are everywhere, and i am working on that problem as we speak.


My Rig

P4 1.8Ghz Oc'ed to 2.2Ghz
2-Deskstar 60GXP 60gb's each
Promise raid card striped in 0
Visiontek Ti200 64mb Geforce 3
256mb Ram
Plextor 24/10/40 Burner
Asus P4B mobo
cwalker2734 and Matt1970, i was looking at and I saw premodded cases like yours. Did you get one of them or do it yourself? (not accusing, just wondering)


Did myself...started out with a fan in the side where the window is now..but that didn't help temps. So I wanted to move the fan but would still have hole, so I got a window kit from I had to make the window smaller, because the one I got was for a larger tower. All in all I'm happy with the outcome.

I sent a pic of when I did the fan on side of case




Originally posted by Jz1397-4
cwalker2734 and Matt1970, i was looking at and I saw premodded cases like yours. Did you get one of them or do it yourself? (not accusing, just wondering)
Actually, I bought a basic beige Antec 1040. Had someone powder coat it, I cut the window myself and messed it up so bad, I bought a replacement door with window pre-cut from, I think it was.

So to answer your question, yes the door/window is store bought.

When I cut the original door to fit the window all I had was a nibbler, and that was a tremendous pain in the ass, not to mention it didnt make a very professional-looking cut, so I winped out and bought the replacement.

...much better!


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