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Case Mod - Flame On!

Looking at this thread has gotten me worried about my own CPU; especially after having my old one burn up after sitting at 60°C for months. Anyhow I modded my case today just for this reason. Tell me what you think and if it needs to be modded some more.

PC Specs (only listed are parts generating heat):

  • Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    AMD Athlon Thoroughbred 2100+ XP 1.733GHz
    Asus 8200 Deluxe 64MB Geforce 3
    256mb DDR SD PC2100 RAM (2 of these)
    512mb DDR SD PC2100 RAM
    400w Power Source
    30GB 7200RPM
    40GB 7200RPM

    1 Fan on Power Source facing back of case, 3500RPM
    1 CPU fan Blowing on heatsink (both retail box CPU), 5200RPM
    1 Chassis Fan attached to back of case, blowing out air , 3200RPM
    *1 Chassis Fan attached to front of case, sucking in air, ???RPM (around 5000)
    1 PCI Slot Fan, blowing out air, ???RPM (around 3000)
    1 Heatsink on Chipset nforce2
    1 Heatsink and Fan RPM???, blowing out, on video card

*The front chassis fan was added by removing the internal speaker then attached to the outside of the metal frame covered by the plastic front piece. Holes in the metal frame allow ventilation, so does a few holes in the front of the plastic front. The fan itself is off my old TB 1.4GHz. :)

Running temps for CPU are:
Min Idle: 33-35°C
Max Load: 38-45°C

Running temps for MB are:
Min Idle: 26°C
Max Load: 32°C

External Temps in environment are:
Min: 10°C
Max: 25°C

I've been thinking I might need a Drive Bay fan, and maybe a larger CPU fan, what you think?


hardware monkey
get a new heatsink. something 100% copper like the cooler master HHC-L61 or HHC-001. both have the same heatsink, but the L61 comes with a much quieter fan... the 001's fan is way too loud. either way, just buy whichever one you can get your hands on cheaper/easier and put your own fan on it.


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i say leave it as it is nice + kool!!!:cool: the max tepm ur getin is 45 which is fine by my standards:happy:

XP Abuser

no one beats my record of 82 degrees c with and xp 1500+ i was cooking eggs on my case:)
82C case temp?? Beats the ~70C I've heard before... The guy had it in a wardrobe to make it silent and just posted (another forum) to ask if 70C case temp was a bit high. We told him it was. At first we thought he was joking or mistaken, but he said the case was buring hot. We told him to take it out of the closet. Now.
Acctually I think it was stuck in there with a switch, a router and a laser printer. Plus a few pillows to quiet it down. :eek: *shudder*


The First Rebirth
Like the guys here say, it's just fine.
I have a 1.4 Athlon with a 80mm 2200 RPM fan (not a typo) on top of a Thermal Right SLK-800, I get 53C min - 60C max CPU temp, it's been running like that for a year and a half.
I'm suprised the Athlon XPs would run that high.

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i wasnt even ocing it either i was ****tin it when i decided to install mbm it was from constant encoding of music for 2 hours SICK and on idle i was still 68 so i decided to take some action and get me dads dewalt drill and slam a few holes in it then installed cpuidle now at max of 59 cool eh;)
Originally posted by Zedric
Acctually I think it was stuck in there with a switch, a router and a laser printer. Plus a few pillows to quiet it down. :eek: *shudder*
Probably would've been easier to get ear muffs than go through all that trouble and chance of component destruction!

Personally, sometimes the constant noise of the fan makes me sleepy and is sometimes my only motivation for getting off the PC.

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i get that too i leave my pc on at night and it seems to sooth me to sleep and counting how many times the hard drive wakes from standby very relaxing

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