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Case Gallery Yes or No ???


I may actually be insane.
I'd say its too much of a specialist area and not many people will participate, there's only so many beige/black case combo's you can look at :p

And people do just tend to post them anyway, which is better because they will get a concentrated feedback on their case instead of people just browsing through.

Nice idea though :)
On one side, yes, why not. It would be fun and all other respectable sites have it.

On the other hand, no. We're not that kind of site, and besides, everyone else has it.

Sooo.... no.
personaly i wouldent think it would fit with ntfs, if someone wants to show people there cases there is a thead about it, or if they need help with making one LOL, but we dont need it but yea it was a good idea.

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