Case Form Factor Question

Can a micro ATX MB go in a regular ATX compatable case?

The Micro cases are boring and i was just wondering if this was possible, after all shouldn't the smaller MB fit in a case designed for a bigger MB!

The only thing is the rear slots and all that...
Any input would be much appreciated!


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As far as I know, if it's a standard micro ATX you should have no problems fitting it in. I suppose you might get issues if you have short IDE cables etc that just about fit using your old case, but should be fine I think.


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I had a friend who did exactly what you are asking, keep in mind the dimensions are not the same, and before you go choosing a case you should already have the Mobo to make sure all the connections line up with the blanks for the connections to proture through... his didnt and he ended up having to MOd his case to make them line up....