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Case, cooling and PSU

Can anyone give me some ideas for a case, cooling and PSU for a K8N Neo4 Platinum, AMD 3500+, 1gb mem and a 6800gt.

I have no intention of moding the case and I'd prefer to stay away from anything neon.

I live in Greece and the summer temp get's quite high so I'm pretty concerned with how well the system can get rid of the heat.

Also does anyone know a good Supplier that will put the system together and deliver over here?? I've used Overclockers UK and Ebuyer before but delivered to my UK address while I was over there and I'm not sure if they'll put systems together from a given spec.

Thanks for any help


Another Also: Is it worth getting a better sound card than the onboard sound from the NEO 4 (Creative sound Bluster Live 24-bit H/W audio 7.1 CH Surround Sound).

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