Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now on WinXP Home


25 Feb 2004
Anyone got Carmageddon 2 running on an XP system? Can't seem to get mine going, damn NT platform.
what errors ?

we need more information to help you "the game doesnt work" makes it hard to pin point

Have you tried it in compatability mode ?

just for you i'm going to install it to see


back. no, couldn't get it to run. tryed it with blood patch and running it in compat mode, no joy

may have found something


back again... lol

i have found the solution. you need the no cd crack. I have tried it and it works.

also don't you think carma2 is much better than tdr?
So if I get a cd crack for it it will work? What about this blood patch, will I need it?

It tells me 'Incorrect Vesrion of Windows' (Not supported on NT) --- just after install, no cracks or anything.
Yeah thats what happened to me when installed it . that NT message thing. but just get the no cd crack and it should work, as i say i've been playing it.
you probably won't need any patches because the crack changes the exe file any way. try it without first, proabbly work
Carmageddon WORKED in XP (Well is was)

I got Carmageddon 2 working in XP Pro, I used the Carma 2 CD Crack and it worked fine, UNTIL:-

Once I installed my Microsoft SideWinder Joypad, everytime I ran the game I got the famous "illegal operation" as soon as I took to off to worked again, so theres some sort on conflict between those two in XP (Worked fine in ME)

Another thing I tried:- was

Installing the Carmageddon 2 ver2.0 patch to see if this would cure my problem with my joypad ever since I have installed the patch I get "Sorry, Not Supported On Windows NT" I am going to uninstalled the whole lot and then install Carma 2 without the Joypad and apply the Carma 2 CD Crack..

I'll keep you posted:-

If you require the Carma 2 CD Crack let me know and I'll email you it!

yep, carmageddon 2 works great for me..even without no cd crack or blood patch, using xp pro :)
I have the same problem running on XP when I installed my sidewinder. I have a different game pad(USB) and I tried it as well, the game still crashed.
Working..., in what mode?

For you guys who say you've got Carmageddon 2 working, is this in hardware mode or software mode?

I've tried all the tricks (including no CD patch, XP compatibility settings...) and cannot get it to run in hardware mode (D3D). Software mode works OK, but the graphics suck!

I have a GeForce3 and even tried using Glide Wrappers to trick it, but the game crashes everytime.

Any help would be appreciated!!
i dont think i'm using software.....

But any thing is possible, becouse i havent done really much before playing.

I just installed it and played it.. ;)
got mine running with the no cd patch in hardware mode, but couldn't finsih the last level so I gave up and played TDR (which isn't as good)
For all those who got C2 running on XP with the no cd patch in hardware mode. What kind of game controller were you using. Game runs fine for me except when I install a game controller.
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Damn I just looked at the page views for this and whoah 850+, this must some interesting topic. I wonder what the highest views is.

Well I did get CG2 goin after the crack but notice sound problems (not affecting game performance, still runs like an animal). Thanks for the help ppl.

Keep rockin' - Antz
i got sound problems to, but since the game isn't designed or supposed to run on NT based systems and accroding to the makers isn't going to be and therefore isn't supported by them. I'm greatfull for what I can get

happy driving!

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