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[Car Product] CL441DSP Cleansweep


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I have an M-45 and I wanted to get one of these little devices installed.

Going into a sound shop today, I found a deal on a CL441DSP Cleansweep that will allow me to connect upto 3 additional auxiliary inputs as well as cleanup and boost my standard system. Nothing in the stock setup will be damaged or removed and my warranty is retained but my sound signal will be cleaner and crisper and the speakers will be able to reproduce a wider range per the specs and reviews.

Does anyone have any experience with this device?


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Buy a better stereo.

The Pioneer in my Celi has a built in 4X4 with 4 depths of crossover fading/blending for each selection, plus sub output filtering internal or external, low fiilter for making the subs do the work while cutting it off at a certain point, and that is adjustable by a few steps.

It sounds awesome. Much better than the crap the car came with. For my olds I have a cheaper Pioneer, but with a bit of searching on the net I was able to get a good clean sound with stock speakers in the back, a set of Memphis Audio's up front, and two 12" Subs in the back with a 600W RMS AMP with internal crossovers and 16Db cut/boost selection.

Some of the newer stuff they have out is awesome, they quit the Premier line of stuff, but the difference between it and what the standard was, very few would notice, or care.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I don't need to buy a better stereo. I have a pretty decent one in my car and I don't want to devalue my car by cutting out a perfectly good factory system for something else or screw up my factory warranty.

I want to know if people have an informed opinion on this device because I have a couple of possible items I want to plug into my existing setup :)

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