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car mp3 dvd player


High On Life!
hey guys since im getting my dads old car soon, i wanted to put an indash mp3 dvd player, but not a dvd player so i can watch movies, thats a plus but dont really care about it, i want it so i can put mp3's on a dvd so i dont have to have many mp3 cds. i emailed pioneer and they said theres dont support that, does anyone know of one that does, alpine, sony xpload. any decent brand. thanks cuz its hard to see that in the online descriptions
Nobody has made one yet that I found. It has draw backs over CD for mobile and portable operations:
-More susceptible to skip (requires more precise positioning),
-uses more power (spins faster),
-DVDs aren't as robust in the heat and UV of outdoors.

A better approach is the gig+ memory stick players. No skip, minimal power. Frye's has 1 gig SD or CF sticks on sale for $49 the last couple of weeks. I think they have up to 4 gig sticks now which is as much capacity as a DVD.


High On Life!
but then how would i put it into the car? i dont really want to use a car kit, i want my car to sound crisp

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