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Car Accident



On January 6th 2003 my girlfriend and I were going grocery shopping and on the way there we had a accident of sorts. A local delivery truck(nameless until after lawsuit;) ) was going in the opposite direction when a large chunk of ice(about the same size of a vehicles engine hood) came flying of the top of the truck and hit my car. Some ice came thru the windshield and hit my girlfriend in the face and cut her.

She had quite much glass in her right eye which had to be removed at the hospital, but she has so far healed up from the cuts and looks like no long term damage to the eye or head.

I was unharmed in this ordeal and lucky to be ... someone needed to keep the car on the road :)

The moral of the story is ice is very dangerous when it fly's of your vehicle so please keep you vehicle free of ice and snow. ;)

****. We got reinforced glass, not sure what it is, it's similar to a bullet proof windshield, but not quite.

Basically, last year my aunt and I were driving, and a huge chink of ice dropped from an overpass right onto the windshield. The thing visibly bent in, and almost flexed back, but didn't and exploded into millions of tiny bits, not sharp.

We've got reinforced glass now :p


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Years ago in another life my Dad got a Brick the size of a loaf of bread go through the front windshield while driving down the street... Came off the side of someones house/roof. :eek: Nasty sh!t.


I would post a pic of what my gf looked like about 3 days after but I don't think it would be a good thing to do. ;) . The insurance company is going to make her an offer and if it's not what her laywer thinks is right she will be taking them to court. However the lawyer seems to think that she won't have to ... we'll see here soon.


Geez, that scary when you have no control!

Hope everything works out, the gf is OK, and you sue the h3!! out of the ba$tard$.


She's ok now, stitches are out and she has healed up ....just a few small cuts scars on her forehead. Her eye is still sore however she went to 3 different doctors and they all seem to think she doesn't have any long term damage which is great. So I guess you could say she's A OK :)

Yes it was a pretty scary thing cuz it just came at us so fast there was nothing we could do. The sound of all that ice smashing and glass shattering is something I don't wanna have to hear again. She's still alittle shook-up about it but overall ok.

She told me that she was gonna buy me a Radeon AIW 9700 when she gets her settlement for helping her during this ordeal. I told her that I didn't need payment for helping her but if she really wants to do that I won't try to stop her :p what was I supposed to say? :confused:

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