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I was wondering whats the easiest way to download (capture) video from websites, ones that have no settings on them. Just a straight video.

Like the ones on facebook, when u send a message and u have the option to record video. How can I save those videos?
Well if I understand what you mean. I usually use the Firefox tool "Page Info". You get a pop up window with 5 tabs at the top of this window (General, Forms, Links, Media, Security). The Media tab is the one you click on and everything from that page that is an image or video is shown. Ya highlight the link to whatever the video in question is and if it's not embedded of anything overly complicated then right click on it and "Save As".

Also if you use Firefox and the "Adblock Plus " extension you will get a tab in the upper right hand corner of all videos that are at a site. The tab will say "Block". Click on it and the Adblock pop up window comes up and that link will be the one in the blocking field ready to be blocked out. Do not click OK. Highlight the link and "copy". Open a new tab and paste into the address thingy then hit enter. If your Firefox is set like mine it will prompt you to save the file/video/link or to open it with whatever default proggy you have specified. Again this only works if the vid is not embedded or any of the other fancy shmancy options that web sites do these days to thwart us from pullin videos off of sites.

Again, this is if I understand what it is you wish to do.
Yea i tryed that Page Info trick, and it can only save the images, which the videos have a preview thumbnail, before click it to play.

I don't any Adblock Plus icons or tabs in my firefox, i make sure nothing leaves things in my browser, much cleaner.

*edit, wait...i get those, but not on these videos...let me take screen shot of what i want to save
Alright, this is in my inbox on facebook

its a message, where the person added a video

i want to save that video
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If you play the vid does it open a new window or tab in your browser or a pop up? If so it could show the block tab then. Sometimes the tab is hard to see. Also have you tried to play the vid and then click "File", "Save Page As" to see if it will save the vid?

The way your in box is set up at facebook it could be embedded.
No when I click play, it plays where it is, dosen't open anything, no options

if i right click, there is nothing, no save as or anything..
Tell you what, open your inbox again and play the vid. Click "View" at the top of Firefox and then "Page Source". Copy the whole thing and attach it as a txt file here. I will look it over and see if I see anything.

Also while the video is playing do the "Page Info" thing. Click on the "Media" tab and then right click in that upper window area that has all of the media listed. Then click "Select All" then "Copy". Now copy it into Notepad and also attach it.

You can also do the second thing with the "Links" tab and do the copy/paste thing and attach it here.
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Alright, did that...

the second too copied weird, and are hard to read...sry

removed links for the safety of others. :rolleyes:
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Awww dude...? That is... :eek: :p

No! that was...? Arrrrrrrrrg!

What did I get into?! :s
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Alright this is related to this topic.

I now need a program that converts FLV to AVI.

I have searched on google and there are millions, some say free some say shareware, I have tryed acouple, most don't work, some don't seem trustworthy.

What is the best converter out there, either just for those files or all files?

Free or not free, I don't care.
Well I got ya started, the rest is all you.

Or the next person that wants ta help ya and go blind. :rolleyes:
Alright, well I spend hours of asking questions over at neowin, and searching and trying.

The only one that really worked easy, and well was this non free one.

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress, not free but it worked.

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