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Capture Screenshots From Windows Media Player

Have you ever tried to capture an image from a video in Windows Media Player? You'd think that all you had to do was pause the video, click on the Windows Media Player title bar, hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and then press PrtScn on the keyboard. If you've tried that, you know it doesn't work as expected. Here's the fix:

Open Windows Media Player.
Click the Tools menu and then click Options.
Click the Performance tab. On the Performance tab, drag the slider bar to the None side in the Video acceleration frame.
Click Apply and then click OK.
Open the video file and play it. Pause where you want to take the screenshot. Now use the ALT+PrtScn keyboard combo. Open Microsoft Paint (or your favorite graphics program) and paste the screenshot in using the CTRL+V keyboard combination.
A quick way to open Microsoft Paint is to open the Run command, enter mspaint in the Open text box and click OK. Remember to set the acceleration back to high when you're finished, because your video performance won't be as good if you leave it at None.


Awesome find... I have tried many things and most have failed. I will have to try this later. It had better work or I will find out where you live. :D
Whoah...I just tried doing a screen-capture of VLC and pasting it in MS Paint.
The movie appears to play even after you paste it as a new image.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Whoah...I just tried doing a screen-capture of VLC and pasting it in MS Paint.
there is a certain blackish gray (dont know color) that set itself as the color the video is overlayed over. if you have a box of this color and place it over a media playing allready it will look as if they media is playing on it.


i think that makes sense lol

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