Captive: The first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/Linux

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by scsa20, Dec 6, 2003.

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    Jan Kratochvil created the first full read and write free access to NTFS disk drives.

    "This compatibility was achieved in the Wine way by using the original Microsoft Windows ntfs.sys driver. It emulates the required subsystems of the Microsoft Windows kernel by reusing one of the original ntoskrnl.exe, ReactOS parts, or this project's own reimplementations, on a case by case basis. Project includes the first open source MS-Windows kernel API for Free operating systems. Involvement of the original driver files was chosen to achieve the best and unprecedented filesystem compatibility and safety."

    now that is pretty cool, whenever I get the chance to reinstall Linux, I'm going to make another partation that uses NTFS to test it out (all my drives uses NTFS but I'm going to make another one just so my current ones won't get mess up). But what do you guys think about that who uses linux??
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    Awesome! This is going to make dual-boot life much easier. :)
    Going to wait for people to test it out thoroughly before giving it a spin myself though...can't afford to lose anything in the process.
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    Sounds good, I hope it works. I know people who've been screwed by mounting a FAT32 driver before now, and FAT32 support is supposed to be good (Which it is, and I've never had problems with it)

    As this new technique is using the original Microsoft files though, it should work better. It's a nice advancement for the linux community anyway :)