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Can't write to a created folder!

I am using Windows XP Pro Dutch with SP1 and all hotfixes/updates installed:
Under the Administrator's account I created a folder called 'Web', where my Apache document root resides. I also created a special Webmasters group, where my user account is a member of, and I have given this group full control to this folder. But when I go to my own user account and try to write to this folder, it's giving an error saying 'Can't create <filename>. Access Denied'.
So I checked again in the Admin account to check if I set the right permissions, it was still set to Full Control. Upon looking in the General tab of the folder properties, I noticed it was set to Read Only, so I quickly removed the tick (though it wasn't a tick like a V, more like the entire grid has been colored, dunno where that came from, perhaps a bug) and went back to my normal user account. I still couldn't write to it... Again I checked and yes, it was again set to Read Only, with the same grid filling bug.
Why for <insert name here>'s sake? I have set the Webmasters group to Full Control, what must I do else?

If you need any screenshots (in Dutch sadly, but I can add a rough translation to it), info just say so.

Thanks :)
I just restarted, and the problem solved itself :unsure: I haven't done anything in between posting this post and now...

So, thanks for looking, but it's not necassary anymore. Strange...

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