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Cant send or get files


Mr Charisma

i have 2 computers on my network one with dial up internet that is shared everything works fine but if i try to send a file through icq or msn it just wont go through and if someone tries to send a file to me it wont go through but if i try on the computer that has the internet it sends without a worry no why is it when i go back to the computer in my room that can use the internet fine d/l music pics etc etc but cant get or send files could someone please slove this problem for me?:D
It's probably a router problem. In order to receive and send files you must forward the appropriate ports in your router to your computer. I'm not what the ports are for ICQ but I think you can set them yourself. You forward the ports in the ICS settings on the computer connected to the modem.


el mafioso
for computers behind the ICS router...
1) you can't send files through Messenger, regarding its TCP header packet that uses, nothing to do, but..you can recieve files through messenger
2) to configure ICQ to send and recieve behind ICS
a) Preferences > Connections > Server Tab
- Click "using firewall" and then "not using proxy"

you can send files, and recieve them
but you cant send nor recieve files with someone that is behind ICS as well

hope this helps

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