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Can't recieve email in Windows Mail

I've just installed Vista Business (my work computer) and got everything set up all nice and neat.

I come in today, and find that my email is no longer working. This is only day two of having this OS running.

This is the error I get.

Account: 'mail.erfwireless.com', Server: 'mail.erfwireless.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

I have double checked all account settings.
they are correct.

I have AVG free edition - email scanning disabled.

I have made sure there is an exception for windows mail in the firewall, and when that didn't work, disabled the firewall.

I've checked around on modemhelp.net and other sites, with no luck.

Any ideas guys?

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theres your issue - re-enable the email scanning, i get issues with email if avg's email scanner is disabled, mainly under outlook 2003/07


sh! it stinks

Error 0x800CCC19

1. This is a possible corruption of the pop3uidl file. Close your internet connection and all programs. Search for the file pop3uidl and delete it. Reconnect and it should work.
2. Repeat step 1 with a reboot before you check your mail again.
3. You may have a corrupt or a very large file attachment on the mailserver. Large file attachments, mail that are missing headers, or mail that do not conform to the mail RFC's can cause this.
The problem is, in windows mail, there is no pop3uidl file. this is on vista. I know that with outlook express, as I have helped troubleshoot this problem more times than I can count with other people. With Windows Mail changing everything, I'm not sure which file I need to delete.


sh! it stinks

"i could not send email with vista until my server told me to change my smtp
out port number to 465 and my in pop3 port to 995. i did and now i can send
email. i hope this works for you."

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