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Can't Read Flaky Floppy HELP!

I have some crucial data on a floppy I made using an oscilloscope. It read fine in the oscope but won't read in the 3 computers I've tried. They all say it is unformated. The oscope uses MS 1.44 HD floppy format and I've read disk made form it before. This particular floppy is some POS brand PRIMARIS.

Anyone know of a utility or if reading it in a DOS machine might work?

My fall back is to make a copy in the oscope onto a real brand floppy.

Never mind. I found a windows 98 boot floppy and that allowed me to copy the disk. Glad I never throw anything away.
Ocasionally you may come across situations where the heads of the "write" are slightly misaligned as far as the "reading" drive is concerned. This can cause issues for OS's that do error checking when reading/writing.

Also if its an old disk you may find the surface is de-magnitizing.

Atleast thats 2 of the more likely possibilites.


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Try using a program called BadCopy Pro.

It will recover data from floppies / HD's / CD/DVD etc.. without worrying about the file system being used.

Works for me 99% of the time

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