Can't play any Direct3d Games, pls help..


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I can play every opengl game going, but an direct3d like cnc generals etc just minimises on load and wont maximise. I have tried catalysts 3.10's and 4.10's. Any ideas?


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Yeah it says its fine, but wont run the Direct3d test. I have re installed dx9b and upon rebooting it works perfect. But then the next reboot it goes back to none of my games working, this is definately some rogue reg key doing something. Anybody any idea?

Btw when i try running the direct3d test it says, it was cancelled because I pressed a key. When i didnt, still does it with no keyboard plugged in.
had the exact same problem, also got the same error when running the tests. never figured out how to fix it, but the weirdest things was that after installing a game from microsoft (it was something with titans, rts game), the install did something to my pc (probably something with directx) and after that it worked.

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