Can't open new .exe

It could be spyware loading. I worked on a system a couple of weeks ago that wouldn't open any programs and it turned out to be spyware loading in the run keys in the registry. Check there for anything that is out of the ordinary or that you don't recognize.
Hold on here,

Are you saying that you re-installed the system and NOW the programs you had previously installed dont work?
I have installed my most used programs and they are working but installed other the other daty and they ain't working. They all worked before i formatted
It could be a missign DLL or something that is common to them all, although i have to admit i have no idea what that could be?

Hmm, are all your drivers/software companents installed for the respective devices, i.e soundcard and DVD that these programs use (DVD and sound converters were mentioned)?

If so - im not really sure what to say, otherwise i would install them.
Well i don't see that there is much more to do than the good old reformat. Thanks everyone for all your help
wait... you had the programs working and then you formatted?? that would explain the problem then. when a program is installed it puts files sometimes in several directories, plus it makes registry entries also. After you reformat the *.exe files wouldnt work because the other files and regedits it has done wont be there. i am sooooooo confused now...
Hell yeah you are...

IF he reformatted EVERYTHING would be wiped.. :D

Besides, he said he had reinstalled the apps anyway, so it should have rewritten the keys and the dependencies.
you can re-install XP over itself and the apps would still be there but not work.
But that wouldnt be reformatting would it?

Anyhoo im confused as well now - on one page he says he rolled back to when he reformatted, on this page he says that he formatted and that hes going to format too?

:confused: :confused: :confused:
no, you can re-install XP over itself and its not a reformat. Its a repair. The problem is the apps that are already installed go FUBAR. Formatting wipes the drive and starts a new.
Yeah, i know dude,
I think were on different sides of the same boat here mate.

boat... what ****ing boat... who brought a god damn boat in here. Now we're talking boats... I dont know **** about boats.. I am out of here. Sail on ....
I was meta4hically speaking (sinking)..

P.s. Dont nick my lifeboat on your way out.

try changing the extension from .exe to .com and see if it will run...

And get me out of this frikken boat!!!

NTFS goes down with all on board, Dreamliner becomes Psuedokiller.
TheBlueRaja said:

NTFS goes down with all on board, Dreamliner becomes Psuedokiller.
who the **** is PsuedoKiller... I have a copyright on PseudoKiller and this smells like someone is violating copyright laws. :D
hahaha... too funny or is because its too early in the AM for me... yeah thats it. I need to get ready for class. I dont wanna .... <stomps feet> I dont wanna.
Hello Brocher, I have exactly the same problem with a couple of proggys, please let me know if you find a fix. I have tried all sorts of stuff, still no joy.
I do not think its a virus as only these couple of exe.s are causing a problem and i have downloaded and run several programmes before and since downloading these.
Hi all !
Just a shot in the dark here but try running spybot and adaware. Or is this something you've already tried ?

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