Can't open new .exe


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5 Mar 2002
I am having problems opening any new .exe files. I have installed a few programs to try and can't open any of them. Some of them open the intro page then just shutdown again. Any idea whats happening. I have virus checked but no virus.
even a small program won't open. I am trying to open dvd2one, clone dvd and the likes but nothing.
No error message at all just some programs give you the splash screen and then close and some just the eggtimer for a split second then nothing. I can send you a small file that wont open on my pc if you want to try it.
Hmmm, no thanks, cant say i wanna try anyting thats a .exe from an "untrusted" source.

What OS are you running, if its XP, have a look in the Event Log and see if you have any errors reported.
XP and nothing in the event log either, i have up to date NAV so it "COULDN'T" be a virus ,COULD IT?
check the Start In of the properties of a shortcut that isnt working... if the Start In is wrong that would explain it and yes you might have a virus.

and check the Target also....
None of these exe are a shortcut.I have tried NAV, housecall and in the middle of panda, but no virus to date.
hmmm ... I was expecting to see 0kb... no matter. Do you get any errors?? What program is having the problems?? and what OS are you running??
instant copy (installer file)
various sond convertor progs
and the operating system you are using (Win 98 / Me / 2000 / XP) and do you get any errors when you double click on them??

Also check Task Manager to see if any of them show up.
No errors reported
Watching task manager as i try to open them and it comes on as a process but then just shuts it down as soon as it appears.
how about re-installing the apps that wont start??
sounds FUBAR... I am out of ideas. Something messed it all up then. I think its a virus or something similar.

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