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can't open hotmail!!

sounds weird umm... try looking the internet options to see if it is blocking it, delete all cookies and temp files.... and try redoing it


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What happens when he tries to log in? Does it just ask for a username and password and after he enters that it just sits at a blank screen?


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Ok, here's the details. He can log on to hotmail and see the email program just fine. He can change folders as well but if he attempts to open any email it does nothing. In the browsers status bar it will then show "error on page".
Is this a security setting in xp sp2?


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He is using IE. He doesn't have anything other that XP SP2 and office XP. He uses outlook too but doesn't have any problems with it.
SP2 has a pop-up blocker but it would show it in the pop-up bar. This error is shown in the status bar on the lower left.


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Hotmail is now configured to use javascript pop-up windows to display email messagess (don't ask, it's so f*ing dumb, you can't even shift-click to open in a new window) so make sure his popup blockers are all disabled (google, zone alarm, whatever).

Also, if he's using zone alarm tell him to disable cookie control as well as ad blocking.


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Have you tried using a different web browser? I would use Firefox to test it :) your friend should be using it anyways
I remember having this problem with a mate's comp... was pre-SP2... so unlikely to have any link to SP2.

Think I took the bulldozer approach to it though.. and restored from a ghost... he had a few other probs on his comp... adware and stuff.

You might want to check for some of that stuff... they do nasty things to a newly formatted PC :(



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I had just done the "bulldozer" approach because he had problems with his sound. I had built this pc for him back in June and he was not able to use any sound devices and I could not get it to work for nothing!!! So, when SP2 came out I slipstreamed a XP-SP2 copy and did a "repair" install. His sound worked fine after the repair but he then couldn't open and hotmail email. He has not downloaded firefox yet so I don't know if that will work. I'll let you know.


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Regarding your question: "What happens when he tries to log in? Does it just ask for a username and password and after he enters that it just sits at a blank screen?"

This is exactly what my hotmail is doing.....how do I fix it?

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