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can't install XP

got some parts and trying to put together today...thinking it would be the same as this is not my first, third or eighth pc that i've built...but then something went wrong..
used the start up disk until disk 6 - then Windows requested to insert the CD into the drive - drive turn a few seconds and then stopped.changed drive , the same thing happened.bios checked, the drive was recognised...6 hours past and I am still blank.....any clues anyone ??

setup -
Biostar VIA K8M800 socket 754 with Sempron 2.8 and 1 Gb DDR.
Power supply is brand new......and the normal things, hard drives - master and slave, dvd burner.....
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Sounds like a bad installation disk to me, I always make a copy of any os disk I receive with a new machine, just in case. Other than that, could be a bad hard drive, bad stick of ram !!!! Fact is stranger than fiction with these things sometime. Is this a brand new system that you are building ?
Disk 6? Start over with the explanation. There is only 1 XP install CD. There is not any floppy required.

Reset the bios to default.
Connect only 1 HD (freshly formatted and partitioned) and 1 CD drive to start.
Insert CD and load.
Once windows is loaded you will need the MB drivers (AGP, USB, Audio, LAN and Video) to access advanced functions.

If you are trying to load from an older DVD/CD drive it may not be possible. Some of the early ones would not work for a windows install. Stick a plain CD drive from another PC in to get windows loaded.


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While not required Leejend, there were setups that were possible using the 6 floppy configuration for XP as he is using.

This was more common on older machines that may have been upgraded from Windows 98, and doesn't need to be used anymore obviously.

Your XP CD should be bootable directly, have you tried booting right to that CD?


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It all depends on how the parts are. having to use the disk might be the only option. If the machine is too old, it won't install it period ..
Okay Guys..sorry for the late reply..was busy with my daily work..but anyway I managed it somehow...seems like the memory stick ( 1 Gb ) doesn't work on the first channel..so I inserted in a 256 on ch.1 and the 1 Gb to ch.2 seems like working perfect...but having problems with my graphic card...see my post..in the graphic card section.Thanks guys anyway...great you are always helpful when in need !!
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