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Cant install win xp



I have p2 460MHz,256MB,16MB VGA & 6.4GB &4.3GB hard drives. C:=6.4GB and D:= 4.3GB.
On c: i have win98se.Problem is when I want to install win xp,while checking disks installation wizard reports that my c: disk (6.4 GB) is damaged or corrupted, and installation will not continue. When I restart computer there was no partion c: or anything, so I have lost a lot of valauble stuff. Disk d: was ok.I tried a couple of times with same procedure but with no success. C: drive is not damaged in any way because on win98se everything works just fine. I think the problem is with fat32 and ntfs but I`m not sure, so if anyone have an idea, please help me.


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Are you sure you've lost everything on the disk? Try booting with a startup disk and, hopefully, you're good with DOS.

Otherwise, if it really is fucked, pop in your Windows XP CD and boot from it. Run a new installation. When it prompts for the partition to install it on, delete the C: partition. Then it will say "Raw" next to it. Hit it again, format it as NTFS (do the regular, full format, not the quick format). It'll format the drive and go from there.

It is also possible that your hard drive really is bad and it just happened to fail then.



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XP is just very picky about hard drives, it probably just needs to be reformatted. Backup all of the files that you want to keep off your c: drive then boot to the XP CD and have it format the c: drive before doing the installation, that should solve the problem.


My advice to you would be to go out and get a far bigger h/d because those 2 are too small.XP puts 1.5Gig on you h/d so the c: drive would be full before you know it.:)

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