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Can't get to a Web Site

Re: cant get site

1) Bribe your network admin. He probably has it blocked.

2) Make friends with some who has a real ISP and a thumb drive.

3) Try again now:
"A short circuit in the A/C system in one of our datacenters, a bunch of machines are still down. Much of the Wayback Machine, some of our items are difficult to get to.
Wednesday, May 31, should bring most back up, but there will be some lingering issues for this week.
-brewster "

Seems fine from here.
Re: cant get site

I'm at my home base and i cannot get this site ,i got in last week on my alt. base 200 miles away ,any suggestions please.


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Re: cant get site

Not really sure what your bribe was, but it's probably something with your network. Leejend could before, and I can now get to that site.

Try to ping it?

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