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cant get rid of old os



Whats up everybody,
I wanted to upgrade from windows 98 to xp about a year ago, which seemed simple enough, so i went into dos, formated my c drive and installed xp, only problem is now whenever i start up my pc i get an option between 98 and xp, needless to say choosing win98 will get you nowhere leaving u with with a blank screen, did an upgrade on my cousins pc from 2000 to xp, and ditto, exact same thing happens, since im looking to do a clean format and reinstall on my hard drive i was wondering how i can avoid this happening again
Mucho Gracias everybody = )
You can easily get rid of the Windows 98 boot option without reformatting. Just open the boot.ini file in Notepad (the file is located in your C:\ root directory) and delete the reference to Windows 98 in the file. Save it, and reboot. ;)

One more thing - unlike earlier versions of Windows, you don't need to boot into DOS, format and then run the XP setup. All you need to do is change the boot sequence in your BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM drive, insert the XP CD into the drive, and turn on your computer. XP Setup gives you an option to format your drives and then continues with the installation. No floppies and no DOS involved :) Just something to keep in mind next time you're installing XP.


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You can edit the BOOT.INI as NetRyder mentioned or you can go to control panel > system > advanced > Startup and Recover Settings > and then UNCHECK the "time to display list of operating systems"

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