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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tony W, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Tony W

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    i have a file i downloaded a while back and i was was cleaning my computer out and i tried to delete the file. and it doesn't show the delete command in the right click menu. it also does not show properties or anything else you would find in a right click menu of a song. it has a play command and the send to folder but none of it works.. it was supposed to be a song and it has the file type .mp3 so the play command brings up the media player but doesn't play. i highlighted the file and pressed delete on the keyboard and nothing happens i have tried dragging it to the recycle bin and nothing happens...
    can anyone help me delete this file?
  2. Aprox

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    Wow, that sounds really odd. Not sure why that is happening, but there might be some solutions for you. Try using this utility or any other that does the same thing.

    Also, try selecting the file going <alt + enter> Thats the shortcut for properties. If that doesn't work then don't worry about it. If it does, check to see if any attributes are checked.
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    Have you tried deleting it in safemode?
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    Two possibilities:

    1) It is a corrupted file with bad sector information saved about itself. In this case you may never be able to get rid of it. I have two like this. I have used safe mode, deleter utilities, etc. Nothing works, they are on there until I reformat.

    2) The file is not really an MP3, but actually a virus or trojan masquerading as an MP3. Update your AV and run a scan. Also, use one of the free on line scanners to double check. If it turns out it is malware identify the type and get the specific deletion instructions.
  5. Admiral Michael

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    I had one of those before, you can try through the command prompt. If that doesnt work try moving all contents from the folder (cept the file in question) and do a del *.* instead. If not try safe mode or the suggestion Aprox gave.
  6. American Zombie

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    MoveOnBoot is free and will get rid of that file.
  7. David_L6

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    Hijack this in the other tools menu there is a delete file on reboot .