Can't delete calc.exe, keeps reappearing.


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6 Jan 2004
Ok, this is really pissing me off. I recently got a new keyboard, the Viewsonic KP202. Most of it works great, but I couldn't configure the office, etc. hot keys. I fixed that problem with a driver for one that looked exactly the same, but it can only configure some of the keys. I got the office keys working with openoffice and the internet keys I use with MyIE2, but it didn't have a setting to get the Calculator button to use something else. I want it to use ms's powercalc(from powertoys). I came up with a good idea that initially worked, renaming powercalc.exe to calc.exe(don't have the original installed), but for some reason after a few seconds calc.exe would be replaced with the original. I deleted calc.exe and it would just keep reappearing. I even made powercalc read-only before I renamed it, still didn't work.

Any ideas?
If Kronus disabled the file protection, made the calculator change, and the re-enabled the protection, would it keep the changes that were made? If so, then that might be worth a try.
If you really want to get rid of calc.exe you'll first have to delete, rename or move the file protection backup copy in Windows\system32\dllcache (or maybe in Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386), then you can delete the file in system32. Answer the file protection popups with "cancel" and "yes".
No need to disable file protection completely, would be a very bad idea anyway.
Ok, I haven't made any progress yet. I can't seem to find the dllcache folder, or anything matching what I've read about windows file protection. I did a full search of my hard drive and found a copy of calc.exe here C:\WINDOWS\LastGood\System32 and a file named calc.exe.tmp in C:\WINDOWS\system32. The thing is, that was the only file in that folder, so it's certainly not the wfp folder. I went a head and replaced it with powercalc, I then deleted the calc.exe that kept reappearing. No luck with that, just reappeared again and it wasn't the powercalc version that I put in C:\WINDOWS\LastGood\System32. As for the tmp file I found, that file 212KB, the same as powercalc(calc.exe is 112KB). So that wasn't it either.

Anyone got any idea whats wrong? I know wfp is on, as I verified that it was causing it(event viewer in administrative tools), so why doesn't it have the folder in the mentioned places and why can't I find the backup file?
Do you have "show hidden files and folders" checked and "hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options?
yoyo said:
Do you have "show hidden files and folders" checked and "hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options?

I had hidden files checked, but I didn't know about the other one. I guess it was one of the few things I hadn't noticed was different from 98.

Thanks to everyone, everything is fixed now.

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