Can't delete attachments


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6 Mar 2002
For no apparent reason (it's just 4 bytes), I want to delete an attachment. When I tickmark it and press 'Delete Selected', the page reloads, but nothing is deleted.
As I said, it's nothing important (for me), but it's more annoying, especially when someone's attachment box is full.
Where have you attached something that you can't delete?
There isn't an attachment limit as far as I am aware
Ok, I can't see anything that says you can't remove your own attachments, so I think this is a vb3 bug.
Jewelzz said:
Where have you attached something that you can't delete?
You can get a list of attachments you uploaded in your control panel. From there I can't delete it. Attachments

Thanks EP ;)
Try going to the thread where it's attached, see if you can delete it from there
Yep, that works! Edit -> Manage Attachments. Clicked remove and now it's gone. Looks like it's a bug after all (in the User Control panel)
Thats odd cos I did it via the usercp and it worked fine.
I make it no secret ;)

Basically I need a user account to test various settings on.
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