Can't connect to Xbox Live Party


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12 Jan 2006
Hey guys,
A new problem, since I have many with everything and always.
I'm trying to play xbox with my roommate in the same apartment. It's supposed to be separate internet connections but when we both go to we get the exact same ip, also connecting to the club house wireless it is the same ip. (WTF right?) So I don't know what they are doing to make it be this way.

Anyways, we cannot join a part or game on xbox live with one another except under this circumstance. I'm connected to a router and he's connected directly to the wall, or vica-versa. I assume it would work if we were both connected straight to the wall but we didn't try that.

When we are both connected to our routers we cannot connect, even though our NAT typs are both open, which used to be the problem.
We both have the TP-Link wr1043nd router but we don't think its specifically the problem because we've also got netgear routers that we tried alternately and when one is a tp-link and the other a netgear it still doesn't work.

We've spent a good couple hours trying a whole bunch of crap to no avail, does anybody have any idea why we're having this problem?
one or the other of you is connecting to the same router or you both are on the same ISP and are being bounced through the same proxy.
Well of our routers we aren't on the same one. We each have our own. Im assuming it's because of the ip address. But then the fact that If we aren't both using routers it works I don't understand.
I bought a network switch to see if I can just put the xbox through the switch and then the router through the switch to circumvent the router for xbox gaming.
We'll see if it works I guess.
Also, when I had my old belkin router set up as an access point and had the xbox plugged into that it worked.
the router must be involved somewhere else you have no internet connection :)
the router must be involved somewhere else you have no internet connection :)
Well Im sure they had a switch or router at the point where the complex t3 line comes in.
I got a network switch though, plugged my router and xbox directly into the switch and it works fine now. Not sure what the router is doing thats causing poblems though... I tried lots of things. I have a TP-Link 1043nd
get a decent router? netgear/belkin/linksys(cisco) are all good.
get a decent router? netgear/belkin/linksys(cisco) are all good.
Naw, the TP-Link is fine, i get great wireless speeds and the usb network access is also cool. I solved my xbox problem with the network switch. I may however need to get a dual band router because I have like 20 wireless networks that I can pick up and I think they are interfering with it. My roommate also had the same TP-Link (he's returning it because his is in the time period and gonna get a dual band netgear 3700) Maybe Ill have to do the same, we'll see.

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