Can't connect to Router

omg its nlm

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10 Jan 2004
I cannot connect to my router and I am lost. I just removed zone alarm I thought that could be a problem. I have no idea....

Netgear FR114w

Any help would be appericated.
well that tells you something.:)

Check hardware to make sure your physically connected, and if you know you are, try resetting the router.
Did all that, I can connect to the internet :p

Thanks for the quick response
well that means its not working ;)

I assume that you have it set up as a gateway, so it is physically there and should be pingable.
well if all fails you could probably just reset it (if you remember all your settings) ... could also try just unplugging it and waiting a few secs and plugging it back in (kinda like a nice reboot).
not sure what happend but when i do an ipconfig i am getting my external ip. and not the 192 one.
sounds like you are not going through the router at all. did we mix up the cables from the BB modem?
even if in the DMZ you would have a LAN IP
j79zlr said:
even if in the DMZ you would have a LAN IP
true dat ... my bad .. yeah he would have to have router set to no external admin and must have messed up cables bypassing the router?
thtas the only thing I can think of? NLM get over here :)
what is the external ip you are getting?
is it 63.x.x.x sutin like that
i had that issue in another post
it was windows default IP for DHCP
Did you configure DHCP corretly w/ a range of internal ips to hand out? If not it may be like celticfan11 said ...
you configure DHCP in the router....
give the lan ips a range from 192.168.0.X x is the range of numbers u can change

i had this issue and i couldnt connect to anything andi got a random IP from nowhere which was the windows dhcp ip
celticfan the IP you are talking about is 169.254.x.x and that is assigned when windows cannot find the DHCP server.

I think his issue is different.

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