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Cant click certain links.

This is a strange one.

I am unable to click onto certian links, for example in the below thread there are some links to other pages, when i click onto the link nothing happens

likewise If i click onto the above link nothing happens

From Osnn's home page i can click on the links on the left side etc.

I installed the critical patch KB870669 on Tues and it seems to have started happening since then...anyone else who has installed this patch noticed this problem?

I have re-booted, cleared out all my cookies etc etc

my pc is XP pro with IE 6


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Works OK for me

works for me on Mozilla - will check IE with that patch soon, but suspect something else...

[EDIT]Have just tried it using IE and with your the update you mentioned applied - still works OK here, so you'll need to look elsewhere[/EDIT]

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