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cant check hotmail, paypal, and other secure sites


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for the longest time, ive tried fixing this problem but i cant, im desprite for some help if any. ok so heres the problem, for some unknown reason i cant check any hotmail related site exept i can get onto msn.com but thats it, i also cant check sites like paypal and my online banking. the local idoits tried their hands at the problem and they cant think of anything so any help would be great, HELP! :confused:


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Need more info

1) What browser are you using?
2) What windows version (98, 2000, xp?)
3) Are you using a pop-up blocker?
4) Are you using anti-spyware (spy-bot, ad-aware)? make sure you have a clean system. browser could be hijacked not alowing you to visit the pages
5) browser cookies, or active x settings? in your browser

Are you just having problems opening from a link? to a specific page?


whats the error you get when checking these sites?? What has been tried before?? Firewall on your side??

bush dogg

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Are you running Norton personal firewall?

If you are then open NPF click personal firewall then internet access control then click configure, system wide settings and scroll down to "block access to secure sites" uncheck that box click OK.
See if this helps.

That is if your using NPF?
check ur hosts file, for xp i know its in system32\drivers\etc if u dont have xp just run a search for hosts open the file with notepad and look throuhg and see if u see hotmail.com or paypal.com i remember this happend to me one time. but it was blocking all anti virus and firewall websites. some type of virus or something did it. weird


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ok ill try to anserw all your questions:

1) i have windows xp
2) im not using a pop up blocker
3) i have cookies enabled and active x
4) im not sure about the anti-spyware, im thinking no
5) my computer has done it this before and i had to take it to gateway for them to fix it and all they did was erase everything
6) the error that shows up is the average, "Page cannot be displayed" as if the link never was there, and that shows up for my email at hotmail.com (i can type in my address and password but the error page shows up when i try to enter my e-mail)
at paypal.com when i click on "log in" the error shows up.

ill check on the firewall stuff, thanks again, i hope this info gave you some clue as to what it is


Wish he/she would tell us the browser being used.

I think it's 1) spyware and 2)an error in the permissons configuration(s).

Or the worst case a virus! :eek:


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Maybe u should download the program Hijack this and then show us the results. Maybe your browser is being hijacked...unno. Maybe u should also try downloading a new browser like firefox :) :) :)


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This is SSL related, the sites you are having problems with are all SSL encrypted. Make sure you have all Windows Updates and that your date and time settings are correct.


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i would update my browser but, i just learned that when i clicked on windows update, it wont do it, it just says that windows update is incomplete and gives me a list of things to try, o and my computer keeps rebooting and its going to in 35 seconds something with Lsass.exe in the system32 file

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