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Cant Be Beat!

it would be intresting to see why they need 800 watts????? we were all tought that u can have a 200 watt psu but if it has good amperage then you are in no worries, LOL i ran a ati 9800 pro off a 200 watt PSU with a hdd dvd rom and dvd burner with nforce 2 mobo and 1gb ram with amd barton 2500. in my Simple case. but it has good amperage
hey dur its themafia that crazy surrn of a birrtch : )
lol yeah alienware is nice...but i really believe you can get better system for the money...the only reason i would buy it would be to brag b/c those features and the style on that ***** are freaking hoott


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HMMMMmmmm the 800 watt PSU is there to power the needs of the cooling sytem also I think, which could well figure.

But I think it would be much cooler to invest the money this is going to soak up in a state of the art system of your own- you get the fun of the build and have your own machine - I believe if you time things right with PCI Express and 64 bit and the new graphics cards you'd save a small fortune from what this will sell for too....


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r u guys serious? im sure u can just grab a motherboard that has pci express and two of them that is for graphics and the video joiner. yeah sure my neighbor is selling one! they co made the mobo with a company and its pretty obivous that it needs more than 500w, think of two graphics cards that use pci express, the joiner and the other hundreds of things alienware throws in. i dare one of u to make a pc better than alienware, if u guys dont have the money for the alienware thats not my fault, as also i dont right now, ill just get one for college from my dad.


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Hey, when they come out to the general public go to their site look up the specs and price the parts yerself. If ya can afford it and it IS cheaper to build yerself... do it.

No Alienware logo, but who give a shiit. :)


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they had 2 nvidia cards in there...

it was a tech-demo... no idea if it was working as desired or what the output quality was... plus output is limited to analog which means no DVI..


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Alienware is a very overhyped system, has been since day one. They make their money cause noobs that don't know how to do reasearch on system components, or they don't have a clue what the specs mean, and no clue how to build it. You can do the exact same thing they do for less if you do the leg work yourself.


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all you're paying for is the friggin name. you could probably get the top of the line of oh...... EVERY major component and still spend barely over $2,000. All Alienware is is a brand name with a pretty case. that's IT. If you brag to people saying "yeah, i just bought a $6,000 Alienware PC with 2 video cards".... i'd hope someone would be there to smack you upside the head.

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