Cant adjust the virtual RAM.....



Since i did a clean instal of xp last week, i cannot change the Virtual memory settings.

I already had a 1gb partition just for the Pagefile, but now, no matter how i configure the settings in the advanced/virtual memory page, nothing changes.

its stuck with 780 ish on drive C, even if i set No paging file at all on any drive, it still remains, and the file is always in use on Drive c.

I also tried adjusting in safe mode..but no difference.

tried asking in IRC channel, but was told too post here... any ideas?

Are you hitting the 'set' button when you make your changes?
Had to ask ;) . In your root directory, you should have the file 'pagefile.sys.' What size is it showing when you make your adjustments? It's a hidden, system file so you'll have to unhide it.
change the setting to "allow windows to autatically..." or sumfing like that.. restart...restart AGAIN..THEN change it to wut u want....hope that solves your problem...
@ lonman - it says 767mb, even if i change the setting this file never changes, also is in use as i cant manually delete it

@ highwind7777 - tryed that too, doesnt matter what i do, nothing changes:/

i had XP installed for 4-5months prior too my clean instal last week, and never had any problems with the Vram.
I'm not sure what could be wrong. I have a question though. Each time you attempt to make an adjustment, are you trying to assign it to the 1gig partition, or is the problem the same even if you just try to adjust it where it's at? Have you been able to assign any kind of pagefile to the 1gig partition (should be able to have as many pagefiles, on as many partitions as you want). I know it's a real pain messing with those settings... having to reboot everytime just to see nothing worked... I hope you get your answer. You might consider another clean install... maybe something got mucked up during installation.
hmmm yes i can make a pagefile on the 1gb partition, but it doesnt use it, after a reboot it still says total pageing is 767mb on all drives, and if i locate the pagefile.sys on the 1gb drive, i can delete it, so its obviously not being used.
Hmmmm the only app i have installed now that i didnt have before is XP customizer
Here is a screenshot of the Disk options attached, maybe it could be one of these?

Oh and also i have tryed clearing pagefile on shutdown, but it still reapears and seems unmodifiable.
Problemo Solved, was the disable NT executive paging oprion, of customizer, so i rebooted and now i can change stuff, but XP ran like a bag of spanners, that option does wonders for a system speed up.

So i moved the page file, rebooted, and re-set that option back on, My sys is agaion running like a dream, thanks for all ya reply's guys, sorry was my dumbass fault heheh:D
lol, hey... now we know. Thanks for letting us know what the problem was.

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