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Canon USB Scanner



I am attempting to reinstall my Canon LiDe30 Scanner on Windows XP Pro. The software packages do not recognize USB port. The scanner passes the diagnostic, Plug and Play finds the scanner, but when I attempt to select a source ( the scanner) it reports: "unable to select TWAIN source"

I have removed the Canon software, I have uninstalled the USB ports, I have switched USB ports, I have downloaded the latest drivers and the latest USB patch from Microsoft. I have followed the manufactuers proceadure for reinstallation.

It appears the the TWAIN files may not be recognized, where should they be and are there any other files that are required?
TWAIN is just an acronym for "Technology Without An Interesting Name" (love the developers humour there :))
Scanners need software to interface with the scanner (i.e. TWAIN drivers)
Normally you would install the TWAIN software before hooking up the scanner.
In which order did you install them?

Edit:- Found this on Canon's site....

WIA Driver Installation Precautions

• You can install the WIA Driver if you are using Windows Me or Windows XP. In addition, you should read the “WIA Driver Limitations” below before installing the driver.

WIA Driver Limitations

• When you have set the WIA Driver to start a particular application program when you connect the camera, the program may cause an error message similar to the following to appear: “TWAIN data source not found. Reinstall the scanner software.” If this happens, select [WIA-camera model] in the application program as the TWAIN device. Your camera model name will appear in place of the “camera model” in the brackets above.

• Windows Me users cannot use ZoomBrowser EX’s auto start function when the WIA Driver is installed.

• TWAIN Driver is the driver software for USB connections to Windows 98 and Windows 2000 only. It is the software required to load images into TWAIN-compliant application programs, such as ArcSoft PhotoImpression and VideoImpression. Since it is not a stand-alone program, you must always use it by starting it from within a TWAIN-compliant program.

• WIA Driver is the driver software for USB connections to Windows Me and Windows XP only. When you connect the camera to the computer with a USB cable, the Scanners and Cameras Wizard will open automatically to assist with downloading. This driver also allows you to use Windows Explorer to display the camera’s thumbnail images on the computer and download images with standard file copying procedures

I know this relates to cameras but maybe TWAIN isn't an XP kinda thing. Looks like WIA is the new TWAIN. :)



USB scanners are WIA compliant in XP.

The problem was that I was running TWAIN and WIA applications at the same time.

Disconnect the scanner. Ensure that the Scanner software drivers are uninstalled. I deleted the USB port in Device Manager, rebooted and installed only the WIA support driver from the Canon CD. Then I shut down and coneect my scanner and let XP do its thing. It now works

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