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cannot save speaker settings



I'm running XP Pro with a SBLive! Platinum card & Klipsch Promedia 4.1 speaker setup. Everytime I restart my system I must go into the Sounds & Audio Devices portion of Control Panel & change the speaker settings from the current selection (quad) & then back again in order to get audio from the rear pair of speakers. SB setting is for 4 speakers & it is not necessary to change it in order to get it working properly. XP & SB all have updates.

Has anyone else run into a problem like this?
i'm not sure if what i have to say is going to help you out or not, but adding sound-blaster drivers to any system of mine since 2K has always messed it up. I run XP w. the SB Live! 5.1, and XP recognizes the card just fine. I don't think creative's drivers do much besideds waste space and resources anyway... I'd recomend removing them, and seeing what happens then.

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