Cannot right-click start menu items.


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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

I just finished installing XPHome on a new HD for a friend. One thing that I have noticed is that I cannot right-click on "My Computer" or other items. Nothing comes up on the right click. What could be wrong?

Yes I have, all Windows updates have been taken....SP1 and everything else was updated from site.

No nothing, just nothing happens when I right click on any item. No errors

O.K. goto programs, selct a program icon and see if send to desktop and create a short cut works.
Oh well,

Just started getting some errors. "lsass.exe" and I/O errors. Tried rebooting and and it went BSOD. Looks actually like a corrupted install. New, fresh out of the wrapper Windows CD, though. I don't understand.

Just do a fresh install I spose, only other thing I could have thought might be problem of no right click would be the right click is disabeled in options.

Enjoy format and reinstall.
New HD, New MOBO, New XPCD= BSOD in about one hour.

Thanks for your help, Lee

Found out the problem. It was the CDRom in the tower. Third time Windows still a had troubles.
Swapped it out with another and reloaded Windows, no probs now.

Not installation issue

Hey, I am experiencing the same thing.

Everything worked fine and has been for months. I re-installed my Intel webcam software and now I cannot right-click on anything in my Start > All Programs menu. When I right-click, you can see the menu flash open and then closed VERY quickly, kinda like the focus is being drawn elsewhere.

Anyone find a fix for this?

Windows XP Pro, SP1
Control Panel->Taskbar and Start Menu

follow the picture :)


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Thanks for the response cpugeniusmv, but I don't think you understand what I am saying:

When I click Start, go to All Programs, I cannot right-click on ANYTHING. Nornally, you should be able to right click on any item in the All Programs folder and select "Sort by name", "Send to >" and other various options... nothing happens :confused:

I just found out that it has something to do with my profile ONLY. I logged into my gf's and everything works as it should...

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