Cannot reinstall telewest modem and connect to net


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4 Mar 2002
ok this isn;t me, it's a friend i have nursed through a windows repair this morning after his western digital hard drive clone went tits up.

the only device with a yellow ? turned out to be the modem. so he uninstalled the software, uninstalled the modem, installed the modem without a problem., installed the software that came with it, no problems.

still cant connect to the net.

telewest came out in record breaking time, tested there gear and told him its not there problem.

i have looked for telewest cable modem help on google and came up with nothing of use.

as i have no idea how it connects as i have DSL i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and knows a fix for it, short of installing a NIC and regestring his MAC addy with telewest.

would rather crack the problem on USB, as he would probably faint if i told him to fit a PCI card :p
telewest webstar dpx100 series

some guy claiming to be a repair guy tried the ping stuff and didnt work.

if he didnt live 100 miles away i would go fix it myself :(
Update the USB Drivers?

Also power cycle the modem, leave it unplugged for a min and plug it back in.

It sounds as if its the connectivity between the modem and the PC. Does he get normal status lights on the modem?

The helpdesk will also be equipped to help him setup the modem correctly. I assume he has already spoken to them as a tech came out?
can't get the new drivers to him as he cant get online :p (100 miles) there may be a solution later in the day called format c: (we been trying to talk him into a format for over 6 months when his 40gb filled up. his drive clone went wrong so im hoping its the last windows repair changing c to f, removed new hdd and he is running another repair to try and get it back to c, as repair changed the drive letters 1st time round.)

i also told him to power cycle b4 telewest got there, and still nothing, i assume the telewest guy tried that as all the modem to telewest servers checked out ok, resulting in mr "this aint my problem" walking back out and driving off... i asked and status lights are the same. just waiting on the results of the repair and drive leter issue, as i found out most app's that should auto start will not now the drive letters changed.

*update* windows was looking for a file and was still looking in F, dunno how this change of drive letters came about ???* still got an hour of repair to go.
He may have had other internet access :p Post them to him!

The telewest techs on the road (not that Ive had any contact with them since the day they installed the modem here) generally don't touch the customers computer. The help desk on the other hand do help with these things, but you've stepped in instead :D

Repair and Repair again huh?
ahh well, managed to chenge drive letters in regedit, got the pc to not boot (back to step 1) and he's running a repair praying it comes back to life as c drive.

failing that i convinced him (his MRS came up with the idea on the phone) to start afresh, imho it bloody well needed it b4...

so im waiting on the phone call now to say if F is now C and if the startup proggies fire up. if they don't he is under instruction to put the new 80gb in and slap in the xp cd and wait for his m8 to show up after 5, with me hanging off the phone till i can get him back on the net and remote in to sort the drivers etc out.

everything seems to be moofed by this mysterious drive letter change (damn you western digital drive tool dev type plonka for writing such crap software, dive image wouldnt have created this fuss !!!!!!!!!!!!1)
Sounds like a load of mess to me. I think you should spend a Saturday over there. What you want to do is buy him a CD Burner and backup your data that way (CDR's are so cheap now).

Then once you have backed up Format all your drives (full NTFS format) and install Windows XP (if that's what your using) and once that has installed make sure you download SP1A and after that is on download all the PRE SP2 updates on Windows Update.

I think it's just all gone wrong some were. And try leaving the modem of all day it might of just totaly locked up.

I don't know if the modem is based on firmware but search for a drive update before you even plug it in.

It could all be due to dogy drivers, also make sure you have up to date drivers on your friend PC for other hardware.

Hope that helps, Bucko.
found an old thread off a win 2k pre sp2 that lead me to an ms article, it told me where to go in the registry to force a change of drive letter @ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices
once there i was able to change the F drive to the C drive and force a reboot, causing the fault 1st described by me mate. ie no logon screen, windows is confused.
after another xp repair C drive was back where it should have been. all programs sprung into life, modem fired up. got on msn to me and put the phone down. about 15 seconds later squeeled across msn, "MY PC IS SHUTTING DOWN IN 60 SECONDS !!!!!!"
a quick shutdown -a later AVG caught some virus and let him install all the updates.

what a day.

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