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Cannot ping or ipconfig from command prompt.

Hello all.

XP Pro with SP2 installed

I just set up a wireless network using a Belkin Pre N router.
I have all of the security options enabled. I'm also running
Kerio Personal Firewall.

When I attempt to ping or run ipconfig from the command prompt
I get an "access denied" error. I have full administrator privileges
on my PC.

Any ideas?


OSNN Addict
My guess would be that your system security in kerio has the ability for the command prompt to launch other programs denied.

Go into your kerio firewall and click on the system security button.

Look for Windows Command Processer and if you look over to the "Launching Others" column you'll probably see a red X, click on it until it changes to a green check or yellow question mark. You can set it to the question mark so that anytime the command prompt want to run a program it will ask you to allow it or a green checkmark to allow any program to be run for the command prompt. That's in a nutshell anyways.

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