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Cannot log on to the domain


OSNN Senior Addict
I have 5 XP PRO computers out of 32 that cannot connect to the domain. The machines used to connect and in fact sometime do connect. All the machines are connected via hub/switches. I have admin rights on the machines. I tried changing the nics, new network cable, moving the nics to a different pci slot, but nothing works.

Please someone help.
Is the PC that controls AD also the PC that hosts DNS? If you are hosting DNS through a router then you will need to hard code the DNS of the server.


Mad as a Lorry
Have you tried removing, then re-adding the computers to the domain ? Could be worth a go (assuming you can get them to connect to the network that is :rolleyes: )


OSNN Senior Addict
Yes, we were able to get into safe mode and enable the administrator account and then rejoin the domain. They all work now.
Thanks for everyone's input.

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